Topics on Economics Thesis

Writing a thesis can be daunting to many students when you are not sure of where to begin. For you to write an interesting paper, you need to choose the right topic. To get interesting ideas on thesis topics, visit blog on DissertationTeam. In the field of economics, there is a combination of math, politics, social studies, history, and other subjects. Seek solid foundations and information.

Topics on Economics Bachelor’s

  1. The impact of sports marketing and advertising on consumers
  2. Opportunities and challenges of the economy on investing in Kenya
  3. The importance of globalization to the businesses of the world
  4. The risks of investing in Turkey to the economy
  5. How the oil industry affects economic development in Nigeria
  6. What are the causes and solutions to combat unemployment in Britain?
  7. What are the reasons for the inequalities in salaries in different states in the U.S?
  8. Banking sector of China and their financial stability

Topics on Economics Master’s

  1. The consequences of terrorism on the economy, it takes lives and destroys stuff, and affects the economy drastically. Some uncertainties arise when in the business sector and influence the slowing down of projects of investments and tourism.
  2. The influence of technology on environmental products
  3. Effects of visual aid in economics at home
  4. What are the sources of inequalities in the United States based on social and economic sectors? You can put your focus on trade, technology, and institutions.
  5. What is the relationship between international development and the growth of an economy?
  6. Behavioral economics and the use of incentives to influence it
  7. Nuclear power plants and their influence on economics
  8. How natural disasters affect economic development in the continent of Asia.

Topics on microeconomics

  1. What is the relationship between the minimum wage and equilibrium of the market?
  2. The influence of the energy market in Russia’s economy
  3. Oil prices and the problems they face
  4. What are the differences in gender in the labor market in the U.S?
  5. What are some of the challenges SMEs go through in the economy of the market?
  6. What are the causes and solutions to the drastic changes in oil prices?
  7. What are the effects of immigration on the economy of the United States?
  8. What are the uses of marketing in microeconomics?
  9. What are the effects of increasing the rates of interest in Africa?
  10. Is economic equality the last result of globalization in the world?

Topics on Macroeconomics

  1. What is the role of banks in the economy?
  2. What role does economics play in developing markets through education?
  3. Discuss the rate of inflation in the United States and touch on ways to minimize the impact on its people.
  4. What are the problems and their solutions on Japan Macroeconomics
  5. Analysis of macroeconomics of British and the U.S
  6. What is the connection between the interest in employment and making of money

Topics on Development economics

  1. The relationship between development and migration incentives
  2. The consequences of population growth on economics in countries that are developing
  3. What role does industrialization play in developing countries?
  4. What are the effects of natural disasters on the economy?
  5. What is the economics of development?
  6. Problems that are brought about by taxation and the solution

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