Guidelines for Dissertation in APA Format

A dissertation is required for passing a doctoral degree. It is a type of academic paper in which the research topic is studied extensively. You will get help  in writing the thesis through this article and it will  also tell you about formatting in APA style.

What is a dissertation?

Let's define what dissertation means. The dissertation is long term writing process of doctoral students in which they address the research problem and find its solution. Their research plays a significant role in society. Also, the history and literature of the topic being studied extensively. He or she has to study papers and use basic citation rules to support their argument. So why it is that important to write? It enhances the ability and skills of students which includes critical and analytical. The dissertation has to be good enough to produce publications as well.

Content and writing of dissertation

The dissertation consists of multiple sections which are called chapters. The chapters include an introduction of the topic, literature of the topic, its methodology, results, and the conclusion. Each section interprets a different kind of information. There are different tips for writing a good dissertation. The important tip is to do research on your topic and read it from every aspect. You have to answers questions and defend your dissertation in the defense so your knowledge should not be limited.

APA format for dissertation

In most cases, the APA format is used for the dissertation. The requirements are different from university to university. You should stick to your rules and policy but the general APA guidelines remain the same. Following are the points you have to consider while writing a dissertation.

Style and size of written text - The font is set according to the requirement. The recommended font style will be 12 and the style can be Time New Roman.

Headings – The heading consists of three levels. The main heading is set to level one while the subheading consists of the second level.

Capital letters – The title is written in capital letters. Also, the wording of the other heading should no more than two words. Department and course are also written in capital letters.

Pages – Page numbers are mentioned on every page of the dissertation. The title, acknowledgment, and abstract are mentioned in roman numbers while the rest of the dissertation is positioned normal one.

Numbers – In APA format, it is better to spell the word which can be a mathematical phrase or any other expression. For example, instead of writing 10 in numbers write "ten" in words.

Figures and tables – The figures and tables are also included in the formatting of APA. The text of both figures and tables is positioned in the center and italic. The table itself is position at the center. Also, figure in the center position and avoid vertical lines graph. Also, the numbering of the table and figure is according to the chapter e.g. if a table is added in chapter 2 then assigned as 2.1 if there is another table then assign 2.2, and so on. Also, do the same to the figure.


Doing research and writing a dissertation is an exciting part but doing formatting is the more important one. No one will look at your work if it is presented in proper form. You have to pay attention to every detail so that the members do not highlight mistakes in your project and pass you with encouraging words.  

Helpful Sources

Missing the deadline will in most cases have consequences such as not getting the grade you are supposed to get. Also understand that when you have personal trouble in your life then the professor might be able to grant you an extension on your project deadline, but that is only in some cases and it all depends on how charitable your professor feels on any given day.