How to Prepare for Dissertation Defense

The dissertation word is itself so complicated that even a person, who hasn't heard it in his whole life, becomes scared of it. So, digging deep into this word. What is a dissertation defense? It is an opportunity to present your study and findings in the meeting against the committee. This is the time you need to shine and prove to yourself that you are good enough just as other people are. The dissertation committee comprises many people and asks questions related to work.

Defending your dissertation is important. It makes you capable that you can work independently. This is the time that opens your gate to academia. So, thinking of freaking out in front of those experts is not even an option for you. Here are some guidelines that will help you to understand how to prepare for dissertation.

Change your view of defense

Defense is the researcher's efforts in which he/she worked hard, day and night for it. It might be nightmare for some people. Any defense, although it is for masters or doctoral, isn't easy to handle. The important thing here is to change your mind about it. Don't make it look scarier instead take it as a challenging part of your progress. Once you changed your thoughts about it, then ultimately you will give your best to do it. Changing your perspective is a good way to go through with things.

Anticipate committee's questions

Another trick to make yourself proud in defense is that you should already prepare yourself for the dissertation's committee questions. They don't ask any easy questions. So try to dig deeper in your study and predict those questions. It will help in answering those questions. Some of those questions may include, "what are your plans after this?", "What are limitations in your study?" and much more. Think from their perspective and practice as much hard as you can. You can surely catch up to their mind and anticipate their questions even during the defense.

Keep your contents organize

This is not the presentation you usually give at universities and colleges but it is a presentation to another level. Try to keep a hold of your basics and much more important is to have organized content. The committee will ask basic questions related to your work so make sure you have a strong grip on your literature study. Also, clear what is the purpose of your study and describe the methodology as well. Moreover, your results and findings matter the most. Explain in detail whether your findings were up to your expectations or somewhat different. Keep a check on What? Why? And How? you will explain.

Mentally prepared to fit in academia

Getting a pass on dissertation defense isn't easy. Even if you did one, then after that, it comes to a bigger responsibility and that is your role in academia. Most people are afraid to go into this field as it requires hard work and determination. But there are some people out there, just like you, having a dream to get a doctoral degree. Yes, these people can be if you can mentally prepare for what comes after this defense. Take this defense an opportunity and show your experts that you are well fitted for this job. Take pride and relax! You will get through this.

Helpful Sources

Missing the deadline will in most cases have consequences such as not getting the grade you are supposed to get. Also understand that when you have personal trouble in your life then the professor might be able to grant you an extension on your project deadline, but that is only in some cases and it all depends on how charitable your professor feels on any given day.